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4 Great Tips That Will Help You Avoid Being Cheated On Black Friday

Posted by product 28/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

Black Friday is coming around once again this year and it is often a time when people who are either starting to finish off their holiday shopping or may be just beginning.  However Black Friday is not the promised land of saving and discount that it is on first blush.  You have to do your homework and prepare properly so that you know what you are in for.  If you keep this in mind and enter with a more realistic outlook you can still find some great saving on your Christmas shopping.


Look for some of the Black Friday sales to be earlier this year.  This year more store are going to be starting their sales earlier. It can be from this Monday right to midnight Thursday.  So pay attention to your local news and when you are out on the town so that you won’t miss out on these great sales.  You don’t want to come the day of Black Friday and find out many of the sales you were looking forward to have come and gone.
You should also try to pay attention to the small print on some of the sales adverts. They will tell whether some of the offers may be too good to be true. Here are some big things to look for. First the phrase limit per customer. This means that inventory will be low so you should be prepared to get in quickly to get the sale items on your shopping list. Also you should look for fine print that says only an x amount of items per store. This means these items will be sold very fast. Unless you are a veteran shopper you should avoid the ensuing rush for these products.

Also expect more online sales for Black Friday.  Online sales are becoming a big part of sales for retailers this year so you can expect to find some discounts online. This does come with a caveat. Just like store sales there will also be limits on the products and there is also the likelihood that they can run out.  So make sure to take precautions similar to going to a regular Black Friday sale. Make sure that you are online early and ready to make your purchases. Know ahead of time what key sales to look for. Also since you are shopping online try avoid scams by confirming the website is the store’s official one and all online transactions are secured.

Also try to avoid being cheated by derivatives when purchasing electronics. Sometimes a TV or washer will be advertised at an amazing price only to be replaced by an inferior model that looks similar but doesn’t have the same features. These are called derivatives and you should make sure to know the model number for the advertised item so you can tell the difference. That way you will be sure to avoid this particular Black Friday scam.
Something special you can do for your kids this holiday season is to have them get a special phone call from Santa. This will make Christmas a magical experience as they get to speak to Santa in person on Christmas day. You can order the call online and customize it with information from your children’s Christmas letters.  Do something that will be unforgettable for your kids this holiday.

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