How to Celebrate Christmas on a Budget

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Many people are hurting and undergoing financial crisis. Almost everyone is affected by unstable economic situation. However, this doesn’t mean that Christmas will be greatly affected. There are still ways to make Christmas a happy occasion. If you would like to cut down on expenses and yet give your children a cheerful Christmas, then it is best to go for some practical ideas in gift giving. Give a letter from Santa to your children to make the magic alive and let your children feel they are special this holiday season. Here are some ideas on Christmas to have a happy occasion despite a tight budget.

Name-drawing tradition

If you belong to a big extended family, it would really be a challenge to buy each and everyone a gift for Christmas. You could still have a happy gift-giving occasion on Christmas though, through drawing out names. This way each member of the family will have to prepare only one gift and that would be for the person they have drawn. This saves the stress and expense of shopping for many people but also ensures that each member of the family receives a gift. 


Place a price limit on gifts

When shopping for gifts, you can initiate a price limit on each and have the rest of the family do the same. Keeping the price low brings out a person’s creativity and sometimes ends up doing something out of his own idea. This takes out a lot of pressure on gift shopping expenses.

Presents for kids only

Christmas is not only for children however we want to make Christmas extra special because of them. Intend to buy gifts this Christmas for kids only. This way you cut down expenses on gifts and you can put the rest for the food the family will enjoy on Christmas Eve.

Christmas cards for Adults

Adults can understand better but you don’t want to leave them out. Give them a special card this Christmas just to let them know that they are remembered. It is the thought that counts and it is best to let them know they are important through a Christmas card. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, a simple card will do.

Traditionally, children write to Santa about what gifts they want for Christmas. Go ahead and let them write what they want for the holidays. In return, you can buy the gifts for them. If they ask for something that you can’t really afford, replace them with equally pleasing but less expensive alternative. Give them each a Santa letter saying how good they have been this year and they will probably receive more gifts next Christmas if they continue to behave well. It would be really fun and the children will have a better understanding of gift giving and that it’s the thought that really counts.

There are more practical ideas that you can use this Christmas to keep it a happy occasion especially for the kids. It does not have to be expensive, but what counts most is how you share your blessings in every little way. It will only take some explanation that Christmas is not all about expensive gift giving but receiving what people can afford to give.

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