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5 Hilarious Christmas Gag Gifts

Posted by santasink 07/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

This Christmas many parents are looking for unique ways to make the holidays special for their children. One way is to have their kids get funny or wacky Christmas gifts. This is a way to make the kids laugh and enjoy their Christmas even more. The magic of the holidays is the anticipation of getting presents and never quite knowing what you are going to get.  For the practical joker at heart you can give presents that will be sure to tickle their funny bone and give them something fun to use on friends at the first opportunity. This is while not on the same beaten path as more traditional gifts still represents the joy of the Christmas season. Here are some great ideas that you can take advantage of for your funny Christmas presents.

Gag gifts are inexpensive and funny presents that are meant to get a reaction out of the recipient. They can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  For example it might be cute and funny like a light up Rudolph reindeer nose. Or it can be gross out humor like a holiday sheep pooping out chocolate candy. The important thing is to make your kids laugh or say “Ewww!” This can be a delicate balance. The best thing to do is think of how your child would react if they received a lump of coal and make it funny. They are also great gifts to mix in for gift grab present games.

Another idea is practical joke gifts. These are presents for the jokester in your family or a present that is a joke you can spring on the suspecting receiver.  For the person that likes sweets a bit too much you can give a shocking sweet jar filled with their favorite candy. This will make them want to open it only to receive a “shocking” surprise.  This is definitely a funny way to start Christmas Day. When you are picking out these gifts you want them to be funny but not too mean. That is the important balance you have to strike when giving practical joke Christmas gifts.  If you do so, you will have picked funny and surprising gift.

When picking humorous gifts another way to go is with hilarious stocking stuffers. They are pretty much similar to gag gifts and practical joke gifts, except that they are small items that can be put in your family’s stockings.  You can put interesting candies such as sour flush candy which a candy plunger with toilet shaped container with sour candy powder. Using funny and at times even gross stocking stuffers is a great way to spice up presents this Christmas.

You can also give simple humorous holiday gifts as well. It can be something as simple as a dancing Santa or an interactive Frost the Snowman. These are one many interesting holiday gifts that will not only enthuse your children, but also bring a smile to their faces.

Something that you can do is to have your kids receive a letter from Santa. Every year children write letters to Santa but never get a reply back. So why not make this Christmas special for your kids by having them actually get one. You can order a letter online and customize it with your child’s accomplishments and what they wanted for Christmas. The best part is how they make the letters authentic. They each come with special North Pole postmark


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