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5 Wondrously Fun Christmas Present Games

Posted by product 28/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

Many families will be looking forward to the magical moment on Christmas morning when they get to open the wrapped presents under the Christmas tree.  This is an age old tradition that has never lost its excitement. However you can make the day even more exciting by making a game of opening the presents. This can make the anticipation of what you and your kids will get that much greater.  These are often called Santa games. Here are some great examples of some games you and your family can play this holiday season. 

Unwrap the gift is a great holiday game that your family can play. The rules are simple a random assortment of gifts are purchased at a reasonable price. Then each of the gifts for the game will be wrapped in several layers wrapping paper. The game then works like musical chairs or hot potato.  A holiday song or carol is played as the gift is passed from family member to family member. When the music stops the person who has the gift has to peel one layer of wrapping paper from the gift. The music starts again and the process is repeated. The person who removes the last layer of wrapping paper gets to keep the gift.

If you have stocking stuffer Guess what is in the Stocking is a great holiday game to play.  Fill a big holiday stocking with goodies. Then have each family member feel around in the stocking and guess what is in it. The people who guess accurately get to keep the item they properly identified.  This is a great game for a family on a budget but that still wants to do something special for the holidays.

Another game to play is Holiday gift exchange. Everyone buys a small gift for $10 to $20.  Then on Christmas day everyone can pick a gift. The first person can only pick a gift. The next person then has the option to pick a gift from the pile or steal one from any of the people that preceded him or her. The person who has his or her gift stolen can pick a new one. In this way everyone gets a present and can still gun for what looks like good gift picks. After all is done then everyone can open up their gifts and see what they got.

You can also have Holiday Bingo. Make scorecards with pictures or the names of favorite holiday characters.  Then have someone to randomly call out holiday characters. The first person to get a Bingo and say so will get a prize. It can be opening the first present or getting to choose an activity for Christmas day.

You can also play Dirty Dice Secret Santa. Like many Secret Santa games everyone buys gifts anonymously. A dice and time set for 15 minutes is part of the game.  In the first round all the guests start rolling the dice. If they get doubles they can pick one gift from the pile or steal it from another person. In this phase of the game if a person gets double they can also steal back their stolen presents. When everyone has a present, start the next phase. In this one the rules are the same but players only have 15 minutes.  If a person gets double sixes they can steal a gift without any reprisals. The person with the most gifts wins.

You can also have your children receive a personalized letter from Santa. This can be customized with your children’s good deeds and be marked with a special North Pole Post Mark.

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