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5 Great Tips for Choosing Funny Christmas Gifts

Posted by product 28/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

This Holiday season friends and family will be expecting to get gifts. However, you may want to surprise them or make them laugh when the open their presents on Christmas day.  A great idea is gag gifts or joke gifts. These are funny or gross presents that will either shock your family or make them laugh. The best part is that most of them are inexpensive and you can find the right gift to suit your family’s sense of humor. Here are some great tips to help you find the perfect gag gift for your family this Christmas. 

It is important to have a general sense of what type of humor each of your family members like. For boys it may be gross out humor. For girls it may be riddles. Older adult may have a completely different preference. Also you should make sure that you are not caught unawares by what they actually like.  People’s preferences don’t often follow conventional wisdom especially when it comes to what they find funny. So do research so that you find a gift that doesn’t make them mad.

When choosing a gross out or gag gift try to go for funny not vulgar.  Even gross has its limits. For example while your kids may like certain items like fake poo or a mooning Santa, you need to know where to draw the line and avoid giving gifts that are too adult or graphic in nature. The point is to keep it light and funny.  The same can even go for your spouse. If you don’t know by now when too much is too much concerning your spouse and jokes then you will find yourself in deep trouble if you are not too careful.

Make sure that it has some sort of relation to the holidays. The point of the gift is to do a parody in some way or form about Christmas.  Otherwise you are just playing a practical joke that you would do April fool’s Day. Look for joke gifts that mention Santa, Reindeer, or winter. It can even be satire on everyday life with a holiday spin.  The point is that it should be something that shows a humorous or funny side to the holidays.  So make sure to keep the theme fixed in your mind

Think about the type of gift you are giving. This is just common sense for holiday gift giving.  You know that there are some gifts that are meant to be under the tree and others that are stocking stuffers.  If you find a funny gift that is small and compact then they would have better impact as stocking stuffers and not as the main present.

When giving gifts that are practical jokes keep it moderate and know who to give the gift to.  For example you shouldn’t give a shocking candy jar to young children.  You also should not give a particularly surprising gift to someone with heart problems. The challenge is to match the trick with just the right person. It will be more satisfying that way.

Something special that you can do for your kids this Christmas is for them to get a personalized letter from Santa Claus. It doesn’t take much just customize the letter with special information about your child.  This will convince them that it is from Santa Claus.

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