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3 Gorgeous Themes For Decorating Your Home For Christmas

Posted by product 29/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

As the Christmas holiday season approaches families are looking to decorate their homes. They will likely have decorations that have been passed down or saved over the years. However from time to time families may want to try something new for their home. So you may try to go with a theme rather than just a random collection of decorations. This can make your home look more put together for the holidays.  However, where can you start? What are some of the themes that you can work on for your holiday decorations? Here are some great suggestions that you can use to give you ideas.

The first theme you can go for is the winter wonderland. Why stop at outside your home when you can bring the white majesty of the holidays to your home?  There are many ways to achieve this theme that are not costly and quite simple to do. First make sure that the main colors you use are white, grey, and silver.  These colors best represent the colors of a snowy landscape.  You can add splashes or red and green in the form of holiday foliage and berries to provide some vivid contrasts. Second, you can imitate the crystalline splendor snow and ice with actual glass and crystal. You can do it by bringing out your frosted holiday glassware if you have any and display it prominent places in your home such as your china cabinet. You can also use glass ornaments for your tree and figurine such as a glass nativity set to decorate a table or your fireplace mantle. You can also make use of clear lights on your Christmas tree.

Another theme that your children will enjoy is the Toyland theme. Make your home become the magical land where toys come from, with fun and innovative decorations that will be sure to delight any visitor young or old who comes to your house. There are many ways to make it happen. One idea is to use classic toys as decorations. You can decorate your mantle and certain tables in your house with wooden trains or toy soldiers.  You can also put up paper decorations and border that have toy themes on them.  A big focus for your decorating will be the Christmas tree.  Decorate the tree with toy ornaments such as nutcracker soldier and other toy themed holiday decorations. You can also go out and buy a cheap train set with enough tracks to circle the base of tree and as act a decorative border. 

The Nativity is another great decoration theme for your home this holiday season. Who else is better than the Christ child to bless your home and to remind your children of the reason for the season?  There are many ways to go about as many different types of nativity scenes and figurines out there. You can make your decorations a mash up of different Nativity themed decorations. You can have figurines as decorations for the mantle of your fireplace and key areas in your home. You can also have a full scale one in your front yard.

Something else that you can do special this year is to have your children receive a special letter from Santa. This will be a letter that you order online and customize with their good deeds for the year and some of what they wanted for Christmas. Your kids will be sure to love it.


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