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What is Christmas through the Child’s Eyes

Posted by product 29/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

Christmas is just around the corner and parents are getting busy again thinking about Christmas presents. Children look forward to Christmas all year round. Some parents even use Santa Claus to make their children eat vegetables. They say things like “If you do not eat your broccoli Santa will not give you a present at Christmas”.  Some would say that if they behave well, they can get their dream toy on Christmas Eve. But above all these, what is Christmas through the child’s eyes?

When we ask kids, they would say that Christmas is the time to receive gifts and a reason to stay up late. They look forward to this special season because they believe that adults become extra generous during this time of the year. A lot of presents, endless supply of chocolates and sweets, family gatherings and numerous trips to the mall – these are what children enjoy in this season. The merrymakings during Christmas make the atmosphere different from any other times of the year. The colorful decorations and the Christmas carols make it really special. They enjoy seeing colorful balls hanging from the ceilings and they are happy to help in putting up the Christmas tree. Shopping is also enjoyed by children. They can also spend hours watching movies about Christmas on the television.

Most Christmas movies are focused on children. It is always about them or their wishes. Why?  Because children is mostly the reason why we celebrate Christmas. And when we were young, we have already discovered the magic of Christmas. Even as the society changes, Christmas will still be the same. Remember when you were young, your parents would ask you to write letters to Santa citing the gifts you would like to receive on Christmas. This is also another way of instilling discipline to your children, by giving the promise of nice gifts when they behave well throughout the year.

Behaving well would mean getting the best Christmas gift while doing otherwise would mean lesser presents. For a child, Christmas is everything. It is the time to enjoy being a child. Being with the people they love and at the same time getting more treats. But, how about the children from less fortunate families? Do they have the same benefits? Do they also look forward for Christmas or do they look at this day with sadness in their eyes? Children from all walks of life look forward to Christmas. It is the responsibility of the parents to make each Christmas worthwhile. No matter what are the circumstances in life, we owe our children a happy Christmas, no matter how little we have.

A child’s innocence is unmindful of all the chaos in the world and they deserve that. They should not be blamed nor should we make them feel that Christmas is only for people who can afford fancy gifts. Each child should be blessed with good memories of Christmas that can be remembered all the time. One of which is receiving Santa letters that can be kept and treasured for a lifetime.

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