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What Kids Need To Do On Christmas Eve

Posted by product 29/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

The excitement of the season is all around and the big day is almost here. The kids are wound tighter than a top with anticipation. They have gotten their Santa Letters. They have even gotten Santa Calls. Now they are ready for a visit from the jolly ole elf. Christmas Eve is upon you.

Now kids love to help and leaving them out of the preparations for Santa’s arrive would be cruel. Every child, from the youngest to the oldest, knows what the final thing to do before bed is. Feed Santa! Well Santa always has the same thing every year. He must have his milk and cookies, but what about those poor reindeer? What do they get? This is where the kids get to help.

Maybe leave them a little stocking. Those tiny little stockings can be bought by the dozen. You can let the kids help by using a little glitter glue pen to write their (the reindeer’s) names on each stocking. Then, a little Christmas candy cane and all is set! Reindeer love candy canes. Perhaps a little gift for Donner and crew would be better. They deliver presents all night, they should get something too. A trip to the dollar store can net you a set of bells. Let the kids put a bell on a red ribbon for each of the reindeer and make little tags for them. Reindeer like presents too. Letting the kids help in all this lets them feel a part of the holiday. It also, though, helps them see the more altruistic side of Christmas and feel the joy of giving.

Maybe you want your kids to leave food for the reindeer rather than little gifts. After all, they are having a busy night and bound to get a little hungry. The easiest food to leave them is Reindeer Oats. Most likely you already have everything you need on hand. You just need some rolled oats (uncooked) and some red and green glitter. The kids just need to toss them together. You can explain to them that the glitter makes it sparkle and catch their eye. For added realism, have them (the kids) leave it out side where the reindeer are patiently waiting on the old elf to deliver his goodies. Another great favorite of reindeer, kids, and parents is Reindeer Munch. It’s very easy to make and the leftovers will get snacked on for days. To make it you just need melting chocolate, white is more seasonal, and chex-type party mix. Melt the chocolate in a sauce pan then add enough mix to coat and use all the chocolate. Now spoon it out onto wax paper to cool and you are done. It sounds a little odd but taste great. The reindeer along with everybody else will love it!

These are great ways to add the whole family to the Christmas fun and to show them how important it is to give, not just receive. You can bet one of the first things your little ones will do in the morning is to make sure their gift or food were taken. You’ll love the smile on their faces as they discover that the reindeer got their gift or candy. On a final note, make sure that Santa’s Milk and cookies as well as what was left for the reindeer is gone in the morning. Keep that Christmas magic alive.

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